Steff & Paul

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Hi Cristina

We are back from our honeymoon now and getting ready to go back to work 馃檨

We had such a lovely wedding and we want to thank you especially because the decoration was AMAZING!

Please tell the florist that the flowers were everything that I asked for but much more beautiful that I could ever have imagined. The flowers in the church were so big I couldn’t believe it! We took them back the next day and put one on the steps of the altar and the other in the graveyard. I carried my bouquet around the next day too and wore my crown on all three flights to Greece and have smuggled it back home!

And the tables were so fantastic, I can’t believe that you managed to find all those lead crystal vases! It was such a lovely surprise everyone said they loved them. they were my favourite part of the day-apart from Paul of course!

Absolutely all the decoration was perfect, thank you so much.

Warmest regards

Steff & Paul

Lugar: Son Rullan

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