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Isabel & Angus

Isabel & Angus

Hi Team Moments,
I meant to write to you some days ago but we’ve only just got our internet back after arriving home to find it was off…….so annoying – anyhow we are up and running again thank goodness!

I really wanted to write and thank you so very much for all your hard work and that of your staff in helping us plan Isobel & Angus’s wedding…… did a fantastic job and really helped to make it the most wonderful and special occasion it was. The whole weekend was amazing fun and everyone loved every single moment of it.

I am now feeling very sad it’s all over especially as I was instrumental initially in all the planning. The wedding took over my whole life for nearly 11 months…………what shall I do now??!!! Actually, it’s lovely for Don and me to be back in the States and relive everything with friends who were not there. It was great to finally meet you and thank you so much again to all the team Moments .

Kind regards,
Kate Gilbert (Mother of the bride)

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