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Helle & Gustav

Helle & Gustav

Helle & Gustav

Dear Marga and everyone else from Moments,

Today it’s been 5 days since our dream wedding in Mallorca and we’re still high on love and happiness.

When we got engaged a year ago we we’re quick to decide that we wanted to get married in Mallorca, however, we were a bit concerned about planning something so big when we were not there to oversee the planning. I found Moments through instagram were I fell in love with the atmosphere in the photographs because the resembled the exact sensation that we were looking for in our wedding: romantic, rustic, happy and down to earth.

Looking back at a year of planning, 100 and something emails back and forth, a couple of meetings and skypemeetings, I am so happy that I found Moments and Marga.. Without her, this wedding would not have been as magical as it truly was. Marga and the team understood from the beginning in what direction we wanted to take the wedding and who we were as a couple. She was so organized the whole way through, always on top of things and one step ahead.. And when it came to the big day (actually the big weekend), we could simply lean back and enjoy the wedding because we were confident that Moments had everything under control and things we running smoothly. Having dreamed about the wedding for a year it seems almost impossible to believe that the wedding was even more amazing than I had dreamed about. All the details, care and thought that Moments put into the planning, decorations, dinner, location and more helped contribute to the beyond-my-dreams-wedding.. So thank you so much Moments for all your help in planning our wedding and all your passion and exitement in doing so.. I haven’t planned a wedding before, so I don’t know a lot of weddingplanners, but I cannot imagine anyone as fantastic as Marga and her team at Moments:) It makes me want to have a wedding again next year.. With the same man of course:)

Lots of hugs from

Helle and Gustav (Mr. and Mrs. Lehmann)

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